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Industries we serve

In general, iBAN-X serves businesses across the globe. Get in touch with our sales team for any specific industry-related query. 

Restricted Industries

iBAN-X S.A. may have the following as their underlying customers, subject to additional due diligence and approvals from correspondent bank.

  • Financial and insurance activities

  • Professional, scientific and technical activities (barristers at law, solicitors, bookkeeping, financial management)

  • Gambling and betting activities

  • Activities of religious, political and other membership organizations, 

  • Charities, social service organizations and other non-profit organizations

  • Adult services, dating and escort services

  • Affiliate marketing schemes

  • Cannabidiol "CBD“

  • Crowdfunding, crowdlending and similar business activities

  • Marketplaces

  • Virtual currencies/ Crypto asset firms

  • Weapons

  • Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, trade of motor vehicle parts and accessories if high value goods

  • Manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade of pharmaceutical goods

  • Manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade of watches and jewelry, commercial art galleries, antiques including antique books in stores if high-value goods and other high-value goods


Prohibited Industries

iBAN-X S.A. does not onboard, nor will it process the relevant payment flows.

  • Manufacture of explosives, weapons and ammunition, military fighting vehicles

  • Weapons of war, automatic weapons, ammunitions or defense equipment, includes merchants involved in the sales, intermediation or commerce

  • Manufacture of mortars

  • Precious metals production

  • Processing of nuclear fuel

  • Groups, legal bodies or similar subject to international sanctions or embargoes

  • “Non-standard” or “non-transparent” activities – those carried out through special-purpose or assimilated legal entities

  • Bidding fee auctions, penny auctions, or any type of all-pay auction

  • Shell banks and shell companies

  • Bearer share corporations and companies

  • Physically present Adult Services

  • Unregulated or offshore holding/investment companies involved in managing or investing own- or third-party funds

  • Any involvement in the sale or marketing of Binary Options

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