Efficiency is the Key

Use one IBAN number across 25 currencies. Send and settle payments through SEPA and the SWIFT network. Improve payments acceptance, settlement times and reconciliation. 


Offer collection-only, payout-only or fully transactional IBANs  

Generate vIBANs in bulk (under one main account) 

Send bulk payments from multiple IBANs or send and receive single payments 

See credits and debits for each IBAN 

Convenient IBAN account setup   

Ability to leverage the iBAN-X network to make and receive payments instantly


For PSP's

Allocate your wallet functionality to a multicurrency IBAN. One wallet per IBAN.


Take control of the foreign exchange conversions. 

For Issuers

Collect funds from card consumers and corporate customers by allocating a multiple currency IBAN to the loading party.


As an issuer or program manager, you can now reconcile funds while providing real-time credit confirmation to your customers.

For Banks

Focus on your customers, while iBAN-X by COMO takes a financial utility role. 


Supports your customer’s domestic and global trading ambitions while reducing risk and the operational cost of transactions. 

For Businesses

Focus on scaling up by reducing the time to market.

Reduce overhead cost per transaction.

Allow flexible payment methodology, as via iBAN-X platform or via the API.

For Marketplaces

Virtual account functionality to a multicurrency IBAN.


Allow global trading ambitions, by reducing operational cost of transactions and improving profitability.

View and report on all customers activity in one place.